• Brenda’s Brave Recovery

    Brenda was a secretary and data entry clerk who worked for the state of Indiana. Her active life included sewing and attending the church where her brother is a pastor – she is very close to her five siblings.

    Brenda also has multiple sclerosis, which caused her to be placed on disability and moved to an assisted living residence. Her disease progressed rapidly and after being admitted to a local short-term hospital, she came to Regency Place of Castleton, a Kindred nursing and rehabilitation center.

    As her MS worsened, Brenda became more and more dependent on her caretakers and acquired a pressure ulcer on her sacral area. Brenda became increasingly disoriented as her wound and fever worsened. Her lower extremities weakened to the point that she was bed bound. Her doctors at Regency Place of Castleton recognized that Brenda required a more extensive level of care with daily physician visits. They recommended transfer to Kindred Hospital Indianapolis.

    Brenda was admitted to Kindred Hospital in January for aggressive wound care, infection control and rehabilitation. She was seen by the infectious disease physician who ran several diagnostic tests.

    Kindred’s multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, wound care specialists and therapists devised a plan that included debridements, IV antibiotics, pain management and physical therapy. Within 48 hours, Brenda began to respond to her treatment.

    Throughout her treatment Brenda always kept her faith first and had a positive attitude towards those assisting in her care.

    “At times,” says Brenda, “it was difficult because you’re weak and don’t feel like doing anything, but I felt the staff continued to encourage me to keep pushing myself.”

    Brenda and the Kindred Team’s hard work culminated in her recovery to the point that she was able to return to Regency Place of Castleton to continue her specially developed wound care and physical and occupational therapies.

    “They made me feel like I needed to keep working even though I had MS,” she says. “They made me aware that where I was in my ability to move did not have to be where I stayed.”

    Though her sacral wound was significantly decreased in size at Kindred Hospital, continued wound care was crucial to her complete healing. After a few more months at Regency Place of Castleton, her doctor’s team was able to close her wound completely. Brenda is now able to perform many of her activities of daily living and is moving about in her wheelchair everyday.

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